Simple and No Ads!

Easy Management!

The Counter Number Covertible
You don't always have to start with zero.
Suppose you stop using a different service's counter and change it to the FC2 Counter.
In such case you can take over the previous counter number instead of starting over.
Double Counting Prevention
No duplicate counts from the same PC.
No matter how many accesses are made from one PC, they will be counted as one per day. You will always be able to know the accurate number of daily viewers.
(Counting will be cleared up and start again after 24 hours.)
IP address recognition system is adopted in order to count more accurately.
Clear Access Statistics Graph
Daily or hourly access status is shown by a clear graph.
Access data is shown by 30-days, daily or hourly,
and this makes it easy for you to compare each access status.
Just Paste a Tag to Set Up.
No difficult operations such as CGI are required.
All you do is just paste a tag wherever you want.
Use it in your FC2 Blog!
In order to use a counter on your FC2 Blog,
just add plug-in to set up a counter.