Simple and No Ads!

Simple and No Ads!  Comes with Access Statistics.

Count accesses to your blog or other webpages.
The FC2 Counter has a great many designs!
Upload, use and show off your own creative design!
Easy for begginers, plus comes with a simple access statistics graph!


Roll your cursor on an online counter image and you will see weekly access statistics.
They can be set for shown or hidden on your management page.

Access Counter


Online Counter



Lots of Designs!
As many as 5,000 share counter designs are registered!
The FC2 Counter has a great many designs!
Register your original design as 'My Counter!'
See samples of counter designs.
Simple but Full of Good Functions!
Use up to 10 counters if necessary.
And also make a good use of an online counter which shows how many people are watching your webpage in real time.
Furthermore, you can set it for shown ro hidden according to your preference.
Easy Management!
Setting up is very easy. All you do is just paste a counter tag wherever you want!
Set it up in your FC2 Website, FC2 Blog or
other webpages.
*Images may not be shown properly due to the specs of the service you are using.
If you just need an access analyzer, please register for the FC2 Analyzer.
Use our high-speed and functional access analyzer.